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Author: BlueNoosa


My experience in the NFT space so far ..

BlueNoosa here! 

How did I even make up my web3 name? Haha well let’s start from the beginning..

I got introduced to the NFT space October 2021 by my sister and brother in law. 

They were already in the space for a couple of months, so it was a really nice way to get familiar with this beautiful world called web3

I have to say I was a bit sceptical in the beginning, couldn’t really get my head around it since I’m not a digital person at all!

I mean, I’m that girl who loves to be active, sporty, exploring the outside world .. and so on

But I do love new adventures so their best advice was, just jump in!

Create a twitter, metamask, opensea, discord and start exploring the web 3 world!
So that’s the moment when I had to think of a name..
My favourite place on this planet is Noosa, a little beach town on the east coast of Australia, and since I have blue eyes, why not BlueNoosa?

From there on I started joining different discords, not buying any NFT’s yet, but just exploring and learning in the space 

Coming across projects with amazing communities and people who share the same values, interests and all being so helpful! 

That’s how I came across The Sister Society as well, it literally feels like a warm family who is here to help each other, to educate and basically to support each other to live their best life.

By jumping into the NFT space, there opened up a whole new world to me and I’m so happy that I’m not missing out on this ever evolving space!

Don’t let anything stop you from jumping into this opportunity.  I didn’t know anything about NFTs at all, and here I am enjoying the space to the fullest! 

So I guess I see you in the space 😉 xx @blue_noosa